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Atruns is a one stop destination for all your back office documentation processes. Be it an order fulfillment, data entry, accounting process, and support, you’ll find all services over here. Most companies invest their time in back office work and are unable to focus on their primary business goals and objectives. AT Atruns Support Services, We help you eliminate that extra work and make it easy for you to emphasize on your goals and business plans.

We will take care of all types of administrative back office work and make you rest assured. Delivering work with highest quality in timely fashion has made us to carve a niche in the industry.


Back Office Support

We provide all kinds of back office documentation work & administrative work hassle-free.

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Non-Voice Support

We specialize in business segment like  resource outsourcing, accounting outsourcing, IT outsourcing.

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Voice Support

Dedicated help desk to look after sales, services, & to answer all technical/non-technical queries.

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