About Us

Atruns Technologies Pvt Ltd is an IT support and service company that has established its business lines at Kolkata & Hyderabad

We offer result-oriented and targeted solutions to various companies, which can help them to mitigate business fluctuations. We offer scalable and reusable services to clients that can be easily replicated and maintained. We assist in various back office documentation processes and extend our support in associated activities. In addition to this, we also provide assistance in IT career consulting, training and certification services. We adhere to CSR and are committed to attain client satisfaction at all times.

Why Atruns?

As most companies invest their time and money in providing IT support and back office processes, we help you manage these tasks by providing extensive support in these areas. We help enterprises focus on core competencies and leverage their businesses in their domain. We have high expertise in various fields such as IT, Finance, and Legal. We free you with the back end procedures and eliminate unnecessary costs associated with it. With our support, you can closely look at your core deliverable’s and procedures that can lever up your businesses.

Our motto is to help businesses run their back end processes smoothly and effectively. We help businesses grow at a challenging and faster pace. We always follow customer-centric approach and ensure highest quality in the services we render to clients. Our responsiveness and quality services are something that made our esteemed clients to turn back to us for further assistance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help enterprises emphasize on their business objectives and advance their core business. Our comprehensive training will also help you advance career in IT and stand out with poise.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a world leader by advancing multiple aspects of IT with technology. We connect enterprises with innovation and make IT-business the most sustainable and add value to the customer.